15 Situations Where People Probably Wanted to Laugh and Cry at the Same Time

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Having the ability to laugh at yourself can be a sign of healthy well-being, according to science. Taking yourself less seriously can also help you become more resilient, and humor can help you manage pain better. So the next time you encounter a minor mishap, keep calm and try to see the funny side of it — just like the people on this list did.

1. “My stress ball burst.”

“It became the very thing it swore to destroy.” © overexageratedd***s / Reddit

2. “I tried to bake a cake. I think it’s going through puberty.”

3. “So, this is toddlerhood...”

4. “Booked myself a window seat in advance.”

5. “After 2 hours of building this cat tree...”

6. “The tattoo I wanted, and what I got!”

7. “This paper is an order for 4 plates, the rest are ’preferences’ and a few allergies. Wow.”

8. “Bent down to rub my dog’s belly. And Ruth took that as an invitation to sleep on my back. My back is killing me.”

9. “I asked my mom to buy me cloves for my pumpkin roll recipe, and she got me gloves.”

10. “I just got my car washed.”

11. “My bathroom’s vanity drawer slid open by itself and is now blocking the only way into the bathroom.”

12. “This one escaped her pen last night and found my AirPods. Can’t be mad at that face though.”

13. “Trying so hard to make Christmas tree ornaments and accidentally made the poop emoji.”

14. “My niece is trying to turn me into Elsa.”

15. “My parents’ watermelon harvest will not be getting us through the winter.”

Do you laugh at yourself often? Have you encountered any recent setbacks that felt funny and frustrating at the same time?


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