24 Pics Proving That Our 4-Legged Friends Are Pretty Much Like Us Humans

2 years ago

Humans aren’t the only ones who are able to feel rage, love, fear, surprise, compassion... Our 4-legged pals have developed their own unique way to show us what’s going on in their minds. Just take one look at that gaze of desperation caused by a broken nail, at that defying stare when you’re ready to leave them for work, or at that “innocent” look in their eyes when you catch them red-pawed.

We at Bright Side compiled some incredible shots, which will probably make you smile and want to give your pet a yummy treat.

1. “My dog lost a toenail on the ice and became the saddest dog alive.”

2. “My cats don’t like that I go to work so early in the morning so they’ve apparently staged an intervention.”

3. “He broke the cat door trying to follow my brother into the basement. How can you be upset at those eyes?”

4. “She always goes in the bathtub, so I caught her in action.”

5. “Poor Tessa doesn’t understand why she’s wearing a cone after her (successful) operation.”

6. “Like mother, like son...”

7. “Nap time and big brother won’t leave the baby. See how he’s holding her?”

8. “My cat likes to hide under the table and play peekaboo.”

9. “Every time I bring him to work with me, he squeezes into my desk chair and stays there the whole day.”

10. “This doesn’t concern you. Walk away.”

11. “My dog thinks he is a person and sits upright in human chairs.”

12. “’I know you need the heating pad but I WANT it.’”

13. “My husky wanted to pick apples too, so he climbed the tree...”

14. “My cat helping me write a journal article.”

15. When you don’t like the new house decor.

16. “My dog is not amused that he has to ride in the back with the children.”

17. “Why is my cat behaving like a truck driver?”

18. “My cat ’helping’ me wash the dishes.”

19. “Today my mom caught my dog yawning and he wasn’t amused.”

20. Gossiping about the neighbors

21. “I think these 2 photos perfectly sum up my cat’s personality.”

22. “My cat surprised about his Christmas toys.”

23. “They’re posing like Charlie’s Angels.”

24. “My boy Charlie Brown had surgery and has to wear a onesie.”

Which pics made you think: “That’s my boy/girl”? Share your funny pet stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit Jhenning04/ Reddit


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