15+ Hilarious Individuals Who Always Turn Every Situation Into a Laughing Matter

7 months ago

The human brain never fails to surprise us with its capacity for unexpected ideas or inventions, whether they turn out to be a stroke of genius or a complete disaster. For example, someone in this world thought that creating a onesie with mop-like material on the bottom, allowing a baby to clean the floor as they crawl around, was a good idea. This serves as a reminder that sometimes, our intuition can lead us down a path that defies all reason and logic.

1. “To everyone at work that has been eating my jellybeans, now the fun begins.”

2. “A picture of my brother in P.E. class today.”

3. “I paint with my mustache for charity.”

4. “My wife asked me to censor our son’s face before posting the picture. Needless to say, I won’t be asked to do that again.”

5. “My 9-year-old daughter did this. I’m slightly concerned.”

6. “So my friend went to the DMV on Halloween...”

7. “Our friend is buying his first home today, so we worked with his realtor to be sure this is the first thing waiting for him in his kitchen.”

8. “After 3 years of marriage I just found out my wife cuts around the sticker instead of peeling it off.”

9. “His twin brother wouldn’t eat breakfast, so this little man ate the whole pot of oatmeal by himself. Look at that belly!”

10. “I cut my sister’s bangs, being a master barber at the age of 5 in 1966.”

11. “My new barber left me with a hard part.”

12. “My mom has a 150-pound mastiff who is scared of the dark. She sent me this last night. Problem solved!”

13. “Some genius put googly eyes on this Rachel Ray display in Walmart.”

14. “My wife is pregnant and she thought it would be funny to take a picture of our dog’s feet looking like they are hers.”

15. “Got my gram a new apron for her 90th birthday. This is the moment she realized what was on it.”

16. “Have kids they said...it will be fun they said.”

Preview photo credit Autisten1996 / Reddit


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