19 Times People Got Such a Good Laugh That Their Belly Muscles Hurt

2 years ago

Children usually laugh more than adults, about 283 times more. As we grow, we tend to find fewer things funny and probably can’t remember the last time we laughed to tears. But fortunately, thanks to the magic of the Internet, we can regain that cheeky sense of humor we had as kids.

At Bright Side, we pride ourselves on having a good sense of humor and hope that you will also be entertained by the 19 pics we’ve prepared for you.

1. “When life hands you wax lips...”

2. “My dad farted while taking a picture of my grandmother.”

3. “That time we met Jason Momoa and my husband came up with this great idea. 2 years later and I haven’t washed my hair!”

4. “My wife and I graduated from med school today.”

5. “My leggings matched the chair at the vacation rental.”

6. “My toilet looks like there is a very unfortunate man trapped within it.”

7. “My neighbors turned their apartment number into pi.”

8. “I peeled a potato and it made a face at me.”

9. “Got my cat a tent, I think he likes it.”

10. That time you thought you were nailing it...

11. “Dog rolled in a staticky blanket. Look at his friend’s reaction.”

12. “My husband brought a rotisserie chicken home for dinner tonight.”

13. “My buddy dressed up as Eleven in honor of Stranger Things, season 2.”

14. “My dog saw a squirrel mid-snap, so now I just look like a tired toddler at the end of a day at Six Flags.”

15. “My son decided to finally take a bubble bath today...”

16. “My daughter has been stealing her brother’s food when he isn’t looking, so my son decided to ’guard’ his food.”

17. “Believe it or not, this is the face of pure joy on my girlfriend’s face as she made friends with a lemur.”

18. “Asked my husband to take a picture of us on our wedding night. This was his only picture.”

19. “My friend after getting on the wrong train. We made a last minute group decision to get off, he wasn’t paying attention.”

Which pic was the most relatable? Do you also have pics where you have a funny-looking face or that show the creativity of your family and friends? Share them with us.

Preview photo credit v*dalxvisuals/ Reddit


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