15 Fascinating Finds That Caught People Off Guard

2 years ago

For babies, the element of surprise improves their learning skills, says a study. For adults, the impact of being surprised is also positive, with research revealing that the human brain reacts more strongly to something unexpected than to what we enjoy. So it’s no wonder that people are amused when they encounter something intriguing out of the blue and decide to share it with others online.

Bright Side created a display of some truly great discoveries that turned people’s ordinary days into extraordinary ones.

1. “These round dice”

2. “A black stop sign”

3. “My Airbnb was an entire house built inside a barn.”

4. “My greyhound’s musculature is weirdly visible when he lies down.”

5. “This tiny, full-grown watermelon that came from my father’s garden”

6. “160 years of foot traffic over the step into my local pub”

7. “Found an awesome ice formation surrounding a single leaf on top of my car this morning.”

8. “The number of flowers I saw growing on this 2-story house yesterday — my lens was too long to capture it all.”

9. “A strange light phenomenon we saw tonight”

10. “Saw a shelf cloud on my way to work this morning.”

11. “I looked over the edge of an NYC skyscraper and saw a reflection that looked like another dimension.”

12. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.”

13. “What 9 years of wear does to Puma suedes”

14. “I can’t see the actual drop of water on my countertop, but I see its reflection on the side of my coffee maker.”

15. “This bakery in Mallorca has a glass floor where you can see the bakers working.”

What has surprised you lately? Introduce yourself to us in the comments and add a pic of your latest surprise!


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