20 Hilarious Teachers Who Could Give a Master Class in Trolling

4 years ago

School teachers might seem boring to many, but those who believe that have probably never had a really good one in their lives. Just take a look at the awesome guys below and you'll change your opinion about teachers for good.

Some teachers are surprisingly good at trolling - simply because they can! And we at Bright Side can't wait to show you the evidence.

1. It's a very fine line between a cool costume and a weird one.

2. Cool teachers always love a good time. (1970)

3. This is how math should be taught in school.

4. They're very creative and open-minded.

5. Some look like a cross between Wolverine and The Penguin and they don't even care.

6. More ninjas. Give me more ninjas.

7. The coolest teacher fort ever.

8. Teacher trolling, expert level.

9. You've been warned.

10. Who said that teachers don't have sense of humor?

11. There has to be at least one... or two.

12. Surely, this teacher always had 100% attendance.

13. Get dressed like Kakashi? Why not.

14. Princess Leia, you've changed.

15. Our teacher who is gay the day after one of his students said, "Gay people scare me, kinda like clowns."

16. As long as we don't have to dance...

17. Team work is always the key to success.

18. Too many Magnum, P.I.s... way too many.

19. A teacher got tired of kids not returning the pencils.

20. This teacher had enough of kids stealing the calculators.

Are you one of those lucky students who has a funny teacher? Or perhaps you are one of them? Send us photos if you have any and share this article with your friends because we all like to have a good laugh!

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