15+ Pics Where Items Pretended to Be Something Else

2 years ago

It can be strange to find or notice objects that look like they are something completely different at first glance. Sometimes it’s our eyes tricking us into seeing something else, or perhaps the items are just well-designed to hide what they truly are.

Bright Side loves to see the peculiar items people find and photograph, so today, we’ve collected 19 pictures of objects that are pretending to be something else.

1. “My labradorite looks like a butterfly’s wing.”

2. “A sweet potato that is trying to be a bird”

3. “Our scanner at work looks like a Xenomorph”

4. “This vase is actually a puzzle.”

5. “I cut this potato in half. The fungus makes it look like a mushroom grew inside it.”

6. “These old binoculars look like Wall-E.”

7. “I think there’s a Muppet on my plane”

8. “This moth is pretending to be a wooden floor.”

9. “This puddle is trying to be a cow’s head.”

10. “The purple cauliflower I cut looks like a tree.”

11. “The twig in this photo is actually a caterpillar.”

12. “This building is an optical illusion, the walls are entirely painted.”

13. “A weeping angel in the clouds”

14. “These flowers are pretending to be hummingbirds.”

15. “This stone looks like a guitar pick with pond reeds.”

16. “Was flying into Virginia and saw these clouds that looked like ocean waves.”

17. “This crystal formation at the museum looks like a coconut.”

18. “This jellybean is pretending to be a little carrot.”

19. “Just noticed this cell phone tower pretending to be a tree while I was walking my dog.”

Have you ever found any objects that made you look twice? Let us know and share your photos!

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Preview photo credit edisannej / Reddit


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