15+ Candid Photos That Feel Warmer Than an Evening Bubble Bath

3 years ago

Animals have the magical power of making us feel happier no matter what happens. Whether it’s a pet who’s just been adopted and can finally sleep safe and sound in their own home or a couple of charming foxes that came to say, “Hi!” from the wild, they make us forget all our troubles and worries, and we melt with big smiles stretching across our faces.

We at Bright Side felt like we got wrapped in a fluffy towel after a warm bath as we looked through these pawsomely cute pics, and we hope they make you feel just as warm deep inside too.

1. “My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home.”

2. “This is our boy, Mykonos, protecting his new brother, Theodore. Can’t get over how much he loves him, it’s truly amazing.”

3. “Bringing my very first kitten home! Safe to say he feels comfy.”

4. “We brought our son home yesterday and our puppy immediately cuddled with him.”

5. “Meet Harvey, his last night sleeping at the shelter was yesterday. Tonight and for the rest of his life, he will sleep like a king.”

6. “My 25-day-old labrador pupper!”

7. “Mood after tricking us into 2 breakfasts”

8. “Meet Wallace and Charlie. They met today in puppy class. They were both nervous about making friends but not anymore.”

9. “My cat is a very proud mom.”

10. “Yesterday, I helped this sweet girl get adopted. Her parents sent me this photo of her in their new home.”

11. “My girlfriend’s new bunny, Korra”

12. “The way my cat sleeps with me”

13. “No matter what, this girl loves being told she’s the ’goodest girl.’”

14. “Went to look at newborn cats and this kitten crawled into my hoodie. Filled out the adoption papers not even a minute later with the fluff ball still in my hood.”

15. “My in-laws just got a new pup. Say hello to Monster!”

16. “This tiny fox has been visiting our garden every day and wants to be friends.”

This cutie even brought its sibling by!

What happy or touching moments have you captured with your camera lately? Can you show us your heartwarming pics in the comments?

Preview photo credit _Olive_Oils_/Reddit


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