17 Types of Friends We All Know Too Well

3 years ago

Every friendship is unique, just like the people in the world. But for some reason, there are some behaviors and attitudes so typical of our loved ones that one could even make a list of friendships that are never lacking in any friend group.

Bright Side believes in the importance of friendship in our lives, which is why we bring you 17 types of friends that are almost indispensable in every meeting, so that you can identify yours.

1. The one who’s always “on their way” but hasn’t even left the house.

2. Friends who have so much in common they even have the same wardrobe... and that can have its downsides.

3. The friend who always wants to party, against all logic.

4. The one who publishes absolutely everything on social media.

5. The one who shouldn’t go out without a GPS.

6. Friends with embarrassing cell phones.

7. And others who would be better off without cell phones.

8. Those you don’t even bother dressing up for when they visit anymore.

9. There’s always one who spends more time asleep than awake.

10. The one who has no problem eating his own food and others’ leftovers.

11. The one who’s more of a hermit than a friend, and we love them as they are.

12. The “2×1 combo deal” friends: You invite one of them, but they bring their partner because they’re inseparable.

13. The one who cries about their own misfortunes and others’.

14. The one who always ends up being the driver.

15. The friend who’s a buffoon.

16. The one who’s never willing to pay the bill.

17. The friend you’re in sync with.

What type of friend do you think is missing from the list? Which one do you and your best friend identify with?


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the last one is so me and my bff one time we said exactly the same thing at exactly the same tome just for the hell of it


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