20+ Pics That Require at Least Some Explanation

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We often happen upon confusing photos on the internet that we fail to grasp at first glance. But then, there are some pictures which the more carefully we look at, the more perplexed we get. Below, we put together a list of undeniably puzzling pics that will successfully deceive your eyes in many different ways.

1. “My tongue is somewhat long, but it can also expand to fill my open mouth.”

2. “We were given a toilet light but it’s stuck on red which is the most terrifying color to have glowing from your toilet.”

3. “This door that says it’s not a door.”

4. “I was walking down the street when...”

5. “Michelangelo grabbing for this slice of pizza!”

6. “This little carpeted room next to my bedroom door.”

7. “I found this inside an Amazon delivery box.”

8. “Just a ‘hi’ from the bottom of my hand soap.”


9. “High-fashion shoes”

10. “Something fishy about these storm drains.”

11. “Carved mushroom, found on a random forest trail.”

12. “Opened up my keyboard and found this on the case.”

13. “Horse with eyes on front of its head.”

14. “Joots spotted at a vintage shop in Texas.”

15. “This was gifted to a family member.”

16. “Really well done and pointless.”

17. “This 100 sided dice a friend brought.”

18. “Well that’s a wrap! Hope he has some scissors handy.”

19. “A mini sink”

20. “I got a cool looking mask after eye surgery.”

21. “An artpiece exhibited for the birthday of art manifestation.”

Do you have a confusing picture or item at home that could complete the above list? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comment section.


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