15 Animals Whose Love Comes as Naturally as Breathing

2 years ago

Some animals teach us a valuable lesson about unconditional love. The affection, dedication, and loyalty they show toward us or their own animal pals is a sight to behold. Whether they caringly hug their owners to sleep or a mama dog embraces its own newborn puppies for comfort, we can’t help but feel moved by their behavior.

Bright Side presents a few pets with loving personalities that can make anyone’s heart melt.

1. “They’ve known each other for 4 days.”

2. “The way my new kitten was looking at my husband on the way home”

3. “My husband came home early from work. I think they missed him.”

4. “I stayed here for 2 hours because I didn’t have the heart to wake her up.”

5. “This is what I see when I wake up in the morning. I think my cat might be stealing my wife.”

6. “My rescue kitten has bonded with my dog and it makes my heart melt.”

7. “First night and Xena has already fallen in love with her smaller adopted brother, Watson.”

8. “What my students can’t see while I’m online teaching”

9. “She loves her dad.”

10. “Managed to take this picture of my husky and her pup snuggling up together.”

11. “Every time someone asks to adopt the pups separately, I send them this picture.”

12. “We had no plans to adopt our current foster dog, then this happened.”

13. “She likes to have her paw held before falling asleep.”

14. “Even after 10 years, some things never change.”

15. “Tucked in safely with mama...”

Do you have your own sweet pet? Introduce us to your best animal friend in the comments. We’d love to hear stories and take a look at your greatest pics of them!

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Preview photo credit Sageseed / Reddit


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