My Husband Married Me for Money, but He Met His Karma When My Famous Wealthy Dad Passed

2 months ago

When we get married, we expect our spouse to be with us both in poverty and in our wealthiest times. But it doesn’t often happen like we expect, and sometimes a partner may show their true face when a family is facing a big trouble. Such thing happened to our today’s heroine, a woman, who found out that her husband was just going to parasite off her wealth and turn a millionaire at her cost. But things turned another way, and he was left with his hands empty.

A woman wrote us a letter to tell her non-trivial family story.

A woman, 39, named Laura, started her letter with a backstory, saying, that her father has recently passed away. She’s still mourning her loss, as she had a deep and special bond with her dad. He raised her alone, as he became a widower when Laura’s mother passed when he was only 20 years old.

Laura revealed that her dad was a very successful lawyer. He often appeared in different media and was a very recognized public figure. It was all due to his talent, he won many cases that seemed hopeless to other, even the maturest lawyers. Many professionals called him «a wizard» and «a genius», because he was a professional, from whom many people learned.

No wonder, that with such a tremendous gift, Laura’s dad was very wealthy. His net worth was almost a billion, and he also owned several huge law companies, property and cars.

Laura’s dad taught her a special attitude towards money and wealth.

Being a single dad, Laura’s father tried to instill his stable values into his daughter’s head. One of such things was the attitude to finance. Laura shared that he taught her to be modest and frugal and, though they had everything that they could wish for, she would never show off with her privileged status.

The woman shared, «I attended an ordinary school, and then I entered a legal faculty, but this was without my dad’s interference. He wouldn’t even help me study for my entrance exams, saying that I must follow his footsteps and begin my way from the bottom to the top, without jumping through stages.»

So, when she graduated with honors and landed a job in a small law firm, her dad was very proud of her and her achievements. He refused to employ her at one of his big companies, saying the same, that she must pave her way to success on her own.

Laura added, «Despite my dad being a very famous figure, I never appeared in any media with him. His crystal clear reputation and his talent worked exclusively for his benefit, not mine. And I never objected. I understood why he was doing that. He wanted to be sure that after he passes away, my destiny will depend on myself, not on him and his earnings.»

Laura’s father didn’t appreciate her boyfriend, but didn’t interfere.

When Laura started dating Max, her university groupmate, her dad was very skeptical about the young man. When he first met him, he showered him with questions, and Max didn’t pass his «personal check.»

Laura recalls, «Dad would always say to me that Max was a lazy, spoiled kid, who recognized him from their first meeting and was ambitious towards his fame and wealth. But I thought that was just my father’s overprotectiveness towards me, and I appreciated it, but never paid a lot of attention to what he was saying about Max.»

Max, in his turn, has never brought up any money-related topic when he was talking to Laura, and this only made her more convinced that his intentions were pure. They tied the knot a year before her father’s death. And their union seemed to be very happy, both personally and professionally, as they both were doing their job with pleasure and enthusiasm.

Right after Laura’s father’s death, things took a shocking turn.

When Laura’s dad passed away, the woman was grieving heavily. She recalled that Max’s behavior at that moment was just weird. The woman wrote, «Max didn’t try to comfort me and to support me through my endless grief. He instantly brought up the topic of my heritage, asking how much I would inherit after my dad’s death.»

She was unpleasantly shocked by this question, and then she remembered her dad’s words about Max and how he told her that he was with her only for her dad’s money.

The woman revealed, «When he asked me the question about inheritance, I made a very surprised facial expression and said, ’What heritage do you mean? I am not getting a cent from my dad, I’m not even in his will.’»

Max thought it was a joke, or she was too stressed after her dad’s funeral, and supposed that she was talking nonsense. To which Laura replied, «I’m not getting anything from my dad, because I’m not his biological daughter. I was adopted a year before my mom died, and my dad raised me as his own, but he was never even going to include me in his will, and I knew about it all my life.»

Max vanished as soon as he heard the “bad news” Laura had for him.

Laura continues her story, saying that Max filed for divorce a month after he found out that she wasn’t getting anything from her dad. After they got divorced, Laura arranged a meeting with him in presence of their family friend, who was her dad’s fellow partner.

They had dinner together and the dad’s partner showed Max Laura’s dad’s will. It stated that if Max doesn’t divorce Laura for 5 years after his death, he will inherit half of his wealth, and half will go to Laura. If they divorce, Laura is the primary heir of all his money and property.

The woman closed her letter, saying, «It was a huge pleasure for me to see how my ex’s face turned pale, then red, then pale again. He was just opening and closing his mouth, like a fish, that’s been thrown out of the water, unable to say a word. I felt like my dad’s plan was totally fulfilled, and he finally could rest in peace, knowing that I’m okay without that „lazy, spoiled kid“ in my life.»

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