15 Intriguing and Uncommon Products That Are Too Awesome to Disregard

2 years ago

Whether it’s because of their very strange shape or absurd branding message, some products give us the urge to turn into detectives. For some, we might end up cracking the mystery and understanding their purpose after close inspection or thanks to a quick Google search. And others might forever remain an unbreakable enigma.

Bright Side is a fan of things that introduce a spark of eccentricity into our regular day. So we’re going to share some items that will leave you pleasantly intrigued.

1. “Boots with flip-flops”

2. Underpants gloves

3. “This is a tower for rolling dice.”

4. “It’s a chew toy!”

5. “This creative anti-theft tag I found in a clothing store”

6. “Urinals with the lever designed for you to use your foot”

7. “This gate is designed so that 13 different people can use their lock individually for access.”

8. No need for a straw anymore with this sippy cup design.

9. “The inside of my belt buckle can be used as a bottle opener.”

10. “The Japanese toothpick is designed so you can break off the end to identify it as used and to make a prop for hygienic purposes.”

11. For when hunger kicks in while you’re repairing the pipes.

12. Not sure if this is supposed to be cute or creepy...

13. “A ketchup-mayo hybrid in a tube for your viewing pleasure and condiment needs”

14. “Some portable wood because everyone needs some luck in their life!”

15. “A $600 decorative piece in a furniture store”

Would you buy any of these products just for the fun of it? What’s the most curious thing you’ve ever found in a store?

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Preview photo credit D1sc0Infern0/Reddit


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