26 People Whose Way of Thinking Doesn’t Fit Any Existing Standards

4 years ago

According to statistics, a person has more than 60,000 thoughts every day. But 95% of them are constantly repeating ideas. However, there are people with such nonstandard thinking that they manage to do everything in their own unique manner — even in the most ordinary situations.

We at Bright Side are all for individuality in even its most insane manifestations and, therefore, prepared for you a fresh selection of photographs of people whose fantasies work to the fullest.

Checkmate to boring photos from attractions!

For those who are tired of standard photos in museums:

Are you tired of trivial photos from vacation?

D is for disguise.

When you are bored with regular CrossFit training, CROCfit is there to help fight the boredom.

When you realize that buying a GoPro was not a waste of money:

The MC is good, and so are his contests!


Have you just finished repairs in your apartment? Don't let the leftovers go to waste.

These 2 ladies came to the computer club to play Counter-Strike and improve their computer skills.

What calmness!

They know how to make money from the vanity of customers in this coffeehouse.

Nothing unusual. Just a man on a Segway walking his pony.

You can photograph tourists instead of monuments.

Or simply choose the wrong monument.

"My father put cognac on the register."

The Microsoft Office clip. Reincarnation.

This vending machine is in search of the meaning of life.

Sleight of hand?

Phone anarchy

A new look at job duties!

This car depicts his driver — only him and nothing else.


Water for firefighters

A life-size wedding cake. Can you spot the difference?

City authorities in Philadelphia decided to grease the light poles so that fans did not climb them after the match. However, the administration underestimated the stubbornness of fans who took it as a challenge.

Have you ever met such people with a nonstandard way of thinking? Or do you yourself like such funny rebellions? Please share your stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit Anorak


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