18 Photos That Make Us Go, “Is That What I Think It Is?”

2 years ago

It’s bizarre how sometimes ordinary objects may turn into something completely different. A fallen tree may resemble a character from the horror movie, and a typical plate of shrimp may hide the snout of a miniature poodle. Everyday objects may look like entirely different things, sometimes making you distrust your own eyes.

We at Bright Side found objects so unusual that they’ll make you look twice to believe they are actually real, and we want to share these findings with our readers.

1. “A salad winking at me”

2. “Found this happy guy while building my dresser!”

3. “Mossy tree stump or a zombie rising from the ground?”

4. “This puddle is labeled.”

5. “Happy tree stump”

6. “My son’s captain America shield doesn’t look too thrilled about all of the flying and spinning.”

7. “Birds attempting to lift a vehicle”

8. “This pumpkin has lips!”

9. “Feelin’ a little froggy?”

10. “I found a crystal with a face.”

11. “My husband’s razor scraper knife — it’s cute!”

12. “Met this trashy guy on a walk”

13. The breakfast doesn’t want to be eaten.

14. “This pumpkin stem looks like a dragon!”

15. “This tomato looks like a rubber duckie.”

16. “A touch of winter — an icicle in the shape of an arm”

17. Some free hugs for you!

18. “A poodle on my shrimp”

Have you ever seen an object you couldn’t believe was real? Did you manage to capture it?

Preview photo credit johndecoded / Reddit


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