20 Times People Found Absurdly Creative Ways to Make Life Easier

4 years ago

There is no denying that we've all tried our own DIY designs now and again. It's awesome when they work but even if they're not a complete disaster, they are oftentimes pretty laughable. The people on our list below took life improvement hacks to a new level, and their ideas seem to verge on genius.

At Bright Side, we present to you these funny yet doable (a few of them, at least) ideas . We just want you to take a moment out of your life to appreciate these inventive ideas because even if they're not the brightest, they sure will put a smile on your face.

Wash your hands with every flush.

Reuse the water used for hand washing and do your part in saving the environment.

Sun protection at its best

This man took sun protection seriously and came up with this genius invention. What an idea!

Power shield

At least using an empty pizza box this way while cooking will never give you a burn or a blister from hot oil splashes.

Easy pool to stay cool

This summer, cool yourself off with this easy pool in a pickup truck hack. It's less expensive and more fun.

No charging shelf, no problem.

An easy way to charge your phone and prevent it from falling down on the floor.

"Book off, I'm reading."

This is revolutionary for book lovers! Now you don't have to part with your favorite book even you have to bathe.

Time heals everything. Literally!

Well, this is a great example of being resourceful even when your electronics are broken.

A dryer's perfect disguise

If the dryer machine isn't working, it's no problem. This hack will be an instant help.

Ready to improvise

Have to make your own silverware because you forgot yours at home? Always be ready to experiment.

Draining pasta can be a sport of sorts.

Give a sporty twist to pasta draining. But be cautious since this can be dangerous during badminton.

Traveling in the back seat is fun!

This trick is so handy if you're taking your kids on long road trips. This hack will keep them calm for a really long time. Also, this looks really fun!

Want to have some tea?

When a sudden craving for hot tea comes on during a power outage, this hack is sure to please. Warning: this water may take a while to boil.

Intel Pentium pro-cabinet

You can reuse your old CPU and turn it into your very own cabinet.

Happy baby carrier

This cool baby carrier is already available in your home. Just look at that baby, he is so happy!

When you can't be bothered to buy a boat:

This could be a nice substitution for a boat. So if you are not able to afford a boat, be inspired by this.

When laziness makes you an inventor:

When you're really comfortable on the couch and don't want to move even an inch.

After it's all healed up:

Don't keep the used crutches in the corner – make a really cute shelf out of them.

Beat the toaster industry!

When toasting 2 pieces of bread is not enough...

Walking the dog doesn't mean you have to walk.

"Let's go for a ride," never sounded more deceiving.

A new way to hold up your head

This chin rest will give you some comfort if you have no luck finding a seat on a train after a long hectic day.

Do you have creative ideas of your own? Make sure to share them in the comments, we'd love to make a new list with your pictures!

Preview photo credit jnorki/Twitter, asdfx3/imgur


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