20 Painful Problems That Can Make Any Girl Cry, “Why Me?”

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4 years ago

Being a girl is great, but sometimes it’s really hard. Starting from smudging your freshly painted nails to getting a run in your tights, the reality is you can never run away from these problems, all you can do is just say “Oh no, not again!” and laugh at them. And we will laugh with you (not at you, of course).

We at Bright Side found these 20 first-world problems that most girls can relate to and can’t wait to show them to our readers.

1. Bras. They can turn into a mini-sword in the blink of an eye.

2. Freshly painted nail disasters:

“A bug stuck to my freshly painted nails”

3. The eyeliner tragedy

4. Hair: it can get stuck in absolutely anything.

5. Maybe that’s why we find it EVERYWHERE!

6. Wearing those freaky high heels just because they look so awesome, where rain boots would be way more suitable

7. Getting a run in your pantyhose at the worst possible time

8. Long hair and glossy lipstick... Why do I never learn?

9. Having nothing to wear. Again. As always.

10. “Add more color, they said, you will look gorgeous, they said. On a scale of 1-10, how much do I look like a clown?”

11. Why do I always end up looking like a panda...

12. Oh dear, that can’t possibly be me.

13. When you’re short, it seems like everything is designed for professional basketball players.

14. After all that work...

15. Note to self: No crying after spray tan.

16. Thanks a lot, hair tie.

17. Untied hair or shoulder bag. One OR the other, not both.

18. I could’ve used waterproof mascara when we went to the water park, but noooo.

19. When you buy a coffee, make sure the lid is on tight, especially when wearing white!

20. I promised myself last time that I’d stay away from scissors when I was bored.

Do you have anything that can be added to our collection? Make sure that you mention it in the comment section below.

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for Bright Side


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why would you apply makeup at all when you go to a water park? ?

a bit weird, if you ask me


#3 shows exactly how I apply an eyeliner.. well, try to apply..


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