12 People Who Came Across a Truly Disturbing Revelation

2 months ago

Some secrets brew for months, years, or even decades before unfolding into the light. Their revelation can radically reshape our lives, and while time may lessen the initial shock, the mark remains unforgettable. Today, we present stories filled with astonishing truths that will leave you breathless with disbelief.

  • I was enjoying my first date with her at this fancy restaurant. It was going great, but our waiter was acting strangely, frequently coming to our table and making eye contact. When she went to the restroom, he slipped me a note that said, “Be careful!!!” I ignored it, and we started dating. Eight months later, I happened to be driving near that restaurant, and I saw her with that very same waiter, kissing in the middle of the street.
    My reality crumbled when I discovered that she had been lying to me from the start. This waiter had been her boyfriend for seven years, and they were on a break when she had insisted on taking me to the restaurant where he worked to make him jealous. I realized that they had rekindled their relationship ever since, hence she was kissing him on the street. I had been living a lie these past months.
  • I had an uncle pass away recently who kept a very detailed journal of his life. After he died, my aunt found it and discovered that he was having a years-long affair with one of his co-workers because he had fallen out of love with my aunt.
    On a bittersweet note, one of the last things he wrote in his journal was about how he had ended the affair because he realized that he still loved my aunt deep down, and he didn’t want to lose her. © High-Tech_R***eck / Reddit
  • I discovered that my mom had helped my ex try to take my kids away when I left him. The legal forms were in her handwriting. Betrayal like that is intense. © Mysfunction / Reddit
  • My brother-in-law passed away in an accident, and his wife discovered through his phone that he was involved with several other women. Many of whom were quite close within our friend group, and some of them were also married. It became quite awkward, and the situation got pretty messy.
    © DeeSkwared / Reddit
  • A genetic test led me to discover that my paternal grandfather had been married before my grandma, which resulted in them having a daughter. My father had absolutely no idea his dad had another wife. My dad is in his 70s and just found out he has a sister.
    Unfortunately, both of my dad’s parents have passed away, so we cannot ask them anything. It has been quite touching being able to fill my new cousin in on his family tree, though. © kaytbug86 / Reddit
  • My great-grandfather left my grandma and her two brothers when they were in grade school. The classic scenario: he left to buy something and never came back. They only found out after he died that he moved a few states away, started a new family, and named all three kids the exact same names. © capnkoolaid78 / Reddit
  • I took a DNA test. Never told anyone. My dad’s relatives took them too because they were big into getting to know where they came from when the tech had come out. No one from my dad’s family popped up as a relative. All the people that popped up weren’t even near the same state my grandfather was from.
    My dad passed away many years ago so I have no clue if he knew, and I don’t talk to my dad’s family anymore, so they will never know either. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • After my grandfather passed away, we found out that my mother, previously thought to be an only child, was actually adopted and is one of 11 siblings. I went from no aunts, no uncles, no cousins to 6 aunts, 4 uncles, and more cousins than I care to know. The kicker? We all grew up one town over from each other, a 2-minute car ride. © Stolioli1 / Reddit
  • My mom told her entire family in Japan that my father had died several years earlier so she wouldn’t be shunned for remarrying. We only found this out the day of her funeral from a Japanese cousin. Awkward, to say the least. © Littlefeetbigheart / Reddit
  • I had a cousin who died a few years ago. I went to his funeral and was walking around, hugging his wife and kids and offering my condolences when a lady and two teenage boys walked in. Nobody knew who these people were, so, of course, my great aunt asked, and she claimed to be his wife, and the two boys were his sons. Turns out, all those week or two-long work trips he’d been taking weren’t actually work trips; they were trips to see his other family. © TrueFakeAdult / Reddit
  • My dad died 3 years ago. Last week, I went through some of his old stuff and found out that I have a sister living in Sweden. She would be around 10 years older than me by now. © sottl / Reddit
  • When my great uncle died, we found out he had a different name. Different surname, middle name, and first name. You would think it’s weird because his mother is still alive and remembers choosing her son’s name, and his surname is the same as my mother’s. © NyxOrNoxGirl / Reddit

Another emotion that can deeply affect our psyche is disgust. The remarkable stories in this article skillfully combine feelings of disgust and unease, leaving you utterly shocked.


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