Women Are Wearing “Unapproachable Makeup” as a Way of Deterring Men

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9 months ago

Young ladies have found a gorgeous way to ward off unwanted attention from men. They transform their faces using “unapproachable makeup”. The hashtag #UnapproachableMakeup has collected 91.3 million views on TikTok. Thousands of women are showing off their very bold makeup looks as hack to “put off men”.

The “unapproachable makeup” trend started suddenly.

In order to dissuade men from showing unwanted attention at bars and clubs, fed-up young women are fast adopting the viral #UnapproachableMakeup trend. The approach means creating fierce looks that ladies hope will send men with unwelcome attention running for the hills.

“It works like a charm,” says Megi Hebeja, a 22-year-old style influencer from Philadelphia. “And it only takes about 10 minutes.”

The trend was first started by a pop singer and a beauty trendsetter Hila Baksay.

More and more women are catching up with the popular trend.

The trend was further promoted by a UK-based makeup artist Brooke Ellis. The woman is known under the handle @brookeellismakeup on TikTok. She created a vivid example of the look in her recent clip.

During the video, which she captioned “unapproachable makeup trend...intimidating girl makeup”, the makeup artist makes strong smoky eyes, dramatic lashes, chiseled cheeks, makes her lips defined, and creates waves in her hair.

Another TikTok content creator named Gabrielle, who uses the handle @gabxxrielle, also made a video where she created the trendy look.

Another woman Megi Hebeja created a video where she explained her thoughts on the makeup hack. Sharing the post, she says, “My ‘unapproachable’ makeup look. For when you don’t have pepper spray.”

And here’s yet another curious story about a woman who has no front teeth, but makeup turns her into a famous pop-star.

Preview photo credit brookeellismakeup / TikTok


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In a few years those same girls will be making videos crying about how they're getting old and they're all alone. Those regret videos are very entertaining.


The men in these comments are the very men these women are trying to ward off! Ha Ha Ha


Why would they not want a man's attention. Oooooohhhhhhh!! This makeup definitely is not for me.


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