A Makeup Artist Miraculously Turns Herself Into Mariah Carey

4 months ago

While makeup exists mainly for enhancing our natural beauty, there’re people who take it to a really another level. A woman who is missing some of her front teeth has astonished her fans with her unbelievable “catfish” beauty transformation.

Sarah knows how to leave people with their mouths open.

Sarah Andres, a woman from Edmonton, goes by @lashesandlosing on TikTok and Instagram. She recently shared a video for her numerous fans, showing how she makes transformations in her at-home beauty studio.

People witnessed how, all of a sudden, every visible pore disappeared from the woman’s skin in the video. She switched from her casual outfit and a messy ponytail into a more elegant image — a posh evening dress with her locks styled just like Mariah Carey’s.

People’s reactions were quite controversial.

The footage showing Sarah’s likeness to the world-famous singer was flooded with many comments. People were mostly praising the self-taught makeup artist, who lost two of her front teeth in a biking accident.

Some users even begged the woman for a full makeup tutorial, and others described her transformation as “amazing”.

Some people, however, appeared skeptical. They said makeup wasn’t the woman’s only assistance, with one viewer claiming that Sarah “uses a filter to cover her nasolabial folds.” Another man criticized the woman, saying, “Until you wake up next to them in the morning.”

But many came to Sarah’s defense, writing that “haters are jealous.” “I think you are great at what you do. The makeup application is flawless,” a fan wrote.

And now, take a look at these 5 makeup gurus, who can turn their faces into literally anything with the help of ordinary tools that any woman may have in their cosmetic bag.


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who here noticed that these are completely different people. the woman before is missing her front teeth the seconded one has her front teeth


Pasted of makeup, special straps to hold skin extra hair and 100 filters. Come on people fie Heavens sake. Fake from top to bottom.
That's how much hates herself!!


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