Who the Most Beautiful Men in the World Are, According to Science

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The beauty of a person has long been a subject of interest for scientists. While beauty standards vary across cultures, a 2020 study conducted by Dr. Julian De Silva, a plastic surgeon, has identified specific physical attributes commonly considered attractive in men. Using the Golden Ratio, Dr. De Silva evaluated the facial features of male celebrities to determine their overall aesthetic perfection. So who are the men that embody these characteristics? Read on to find out.

9. Ryan Gosling — 87.48%

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Ryan Gosling, best known for his role in The Notebook, is the epitome of a Hollywood heartthrob. He is renowned for his triangular face shape, deep-set blue eyes, and relaxed attitude. However, according to the Golden Ratio, his nose and chin are his best traits.

8. Idris Elba — 88.01%

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Actor Idris Elba has a defined, square jawline and “hunter eyes” that have earned him the titles of “Sexiest Man of the Year” by Essence in 2013 and “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine in 2018. His chin is his most vital attribute, according to the Golden Ratio. However, his nose scored the lowest in the study.

7. David Beckham — 88.96%

David Beckham is known for his handsome looks. He has a symmetrical face, a strong jawline, and high cheekbones, all of which are commonly perceived as attractive traits. Based on the Golden Ratio evaluation, his nose base and lip width are some of his best features, obtaining a score of 99.8%.

6. Hugh Jackman — 89.64%

Hugh Jackman, an actor who seems to be improving with age, scored highest for the shape of his nose, according to the Golden Ratio evaluation. However, his score was lower for his lips and the spacing of his eyes.

5. George Clooney — 89.91 %

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There is no denying that George Clooney has a strong bone structure and a polished appearance that gives him an effortless charm, setting him apart from other men. However, according to the calculations, his most minor favorable feature is his forehead.

4. Brad Pitt — 90.51%

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Brad Pitt’s charming combination of masculine, rugged features and softer, boyish features, together with his eye crinkling when he smiles, make it clear why he has been included in many significant lists of Hollywood’s sexiest men. According to the Golden Ratio evaluation, he scored the highest for the spacing of his eyes but was markedly lower for the shape of his nose.

3. Bradley Cooper — 91.08%

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Bradley Cooper secures the third spot on Dr. De Silva’s list. He scored highly in the Golden Ratio evaluation for his eye position, lips, and chin but was markedly lower for the shape of his nose and face.

2. Henry Cavill — 91.64%

Henry Cavill’s gorgeous drop-dead looks have caught the world’s attention, and the Golden Ratio standards couldn’t help but take notice too. According to the evaluation, he scored the highest in his lips and forehead, and he also scored very well in the matching ratio of the nose and lips and his eye position.

But even the best of us have our weak spots, and for Cavill, it’s the spacing of his eyes. But let’s be honest, who’s looking at the spacing of one’s eyes when they have such a charming smile and killer lips?

1. Robert Pattinson — 92.15%


And drumroll, please... The winner of the title of the most beautiful man in the world, according to science, is none other than Robert Pattinson! He scored in the top 5 for nearly all categories thanks to his classically shaped features and a jawline that could cut glass. Sure, his lips aren’t as plump as some might like nobody’s perfect!

Did your favorite male celebrity make it on the list?

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