What Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health

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Believe it or not, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That’s why it’s fair to say that it can shape our personality in one way or another. What’s more, it’s actually possible to get up on the wrong side of the bed — it turns out right-side sleepers find it harder to wake up.

2,000 Americans helped researchers.

According to a study by Slumber Cloud, the side of the bed you sleep on affects your personality. Only employed US citizens participated in the survey and, as a result, some interesting information was obtained.

What the side of the bed you sleep on says about you

The study showed that people who sleep on the left are not only left-brained but also like old music and drama films. On the contrary, people who wake up to the right are right-brained. Besides, they listen to rock music and when it comes to choosing movies, they go for action flicks.

Sleeping position: back

Personality: If you sleep with your arms down you’re reserved and if your arms are stretched — you’re open-minded and relaxed. You have high standards not only for yourself but others as well. People value you for your listening skills.

Health: You might have lower back pain and this sleeping position can even worsen it. Besides, if you tend to snore, sleeping on your back might not be a good idea. However, there are also some benefits. You don’t get neck pain, because your spine, neck, and head are in a neutral position.
If you sleep on a slightly elevated pillow — good! This is actually the best position for heartburn.

Sleeping position: stomach

Personality: You are unique, a true go-getter. You have high self-esteem but can sometimes be quite closed off and you prefer to keep things to yourself. In addition, you don’t like being criticized.

Health: You probably notice how deep your wrinkles are in the morning. It’s no surprise that this position is the best one to use to get good, HD-quality, wrinkles like crow’s feet or nasolabial folds. It’s likely that you also suffer from neck pain because sleeping on the stomach puts a lot of pressure on the nerves in your neck.

Sleeping position: side

Personality: If you sleep in a fetal position (knees are brought close to your chest) you are tough on the outside but deep down are soft on the inside. If you just sleep on your side, arms close to your body, you’re sociable and gullible.

Health: It’s possible that you don’t snore at night because side sleeping keeps your airways open. However, you might sometimes experience shortness of breath, especially if you have heart problems.


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also me who blanks out while sleeping and doesn't know how i sleep...i must be rolling on the bed 🛌


Well, plenty of couples/individuals choose the side of the bed they sleep on due to how close they are to the door/window/bathroom. Also- I sleep on my left side because it prevents my stomach from feeling painfully acidic the next day. I think I used to sleep on my right side so technically it’s the same “personality.” That can also be different for people based on where their window is and if the sunrise comes through their window or not. This was very interesting though, I do enjoy anything about personalities and psychology.


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