26 Differences Between the East and the West in Ironic Illustrations of a Chinese Artist

4 years ago

Siyu Cao is a graphic designer from Beijing. During the years of studying and working in the US, France, and Great Britain, she came to the conclusion that foreign people know very little about her country, and most of the things they know are based on stereotypes. Then, the girl decided to draw comics about Chinese culture. This is how the Tiny Eyes project was created.

For over a year, Siyu has been publishing stories from her life on her Instagram page. She tells her subscribers about the traditions and the mentality of the people from her country. According to the girl, these funny and authentic comic illustrations are an alternative source of information about China.

Bright Side offers you to take a look at the world through the eyes of the author and see the difference between East and West.

1. Being practical

2. Talking to a shop assistant

3. So many occasions to eat dumplings (jiaozi)

4. Giving gifts vs giving money

5. The clothes we wear

6. Famous brands

7. Taking care instead of exressing feelings

8. Living with parents after college

9. Response to a compliment

10. Ideas and action

11. No eye contact as a way of showing respect

12. Attitude to nature

13. Silence before you are asked

14. The most popular spices

15. Society is more important than the individual

16. The reaction to the same question

17. Food is more important

18. The Chinese don't eat cats.

19. Asians look young.

20. Being modest even in business

21. Living in a dormitory

22. Children aren't found in the garden or brought by storks.

23. Different emotions — the same facial expression

24. Dreams... dreams...

25. Gifts are very private.

26. Normal bikini vs "Beijing bikini"

Bonus: a secret of a good relationship with a foreign person:

Siyu Cao thinks that it is very important in the modern world to be in touch with people from different countries. She hopes that her illustrations will help readers understand the Chinese people better and respect their culture.

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Preview photo credit tinyeyescomics/instagram


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Ahahaha as a half Chinese person I find this relatable 😆


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