15 People Who Were Born to Save This Planet From Boredom

2 years ago

Being able to goof around and not treat everything very seriously is a super-important skill that we should all practice from time to time. Researchers are convinced that laughter can help us with many things in life, for example, it helps our productivity, leadership skills, and even makes us more attractive in the eyes of other people.

We at Bright Side appreciate people with a good sense of humor, and we want to share the fun with you.

1. “I thought I had put socks on my son this morning. Turns out they were gloves. My mother-in-law sent me this.”

2. “Every year my friends and I do a themed No Shave November picture.”

3. “Someone drew a grumpy face on this pole at Utah Valley University”.

4. “I made some joke gifts for friends.”

5. “My friend took this picture of his dog.”

6. “My girl broke her tib/fib, so this is her elf on the shelf!”

7. “That time my niece put eyebrows on the dog because she thought she had no expressions...”

8. “Found this parked on my street today.”

9. “For the fifth year in a row, my friends and I got Christmas photos taken at our local JCPenney.”

10. “The cookie my daughter cut and decorated looks like it’s seen some scary things.”

11. “Statue of Liberty selfie. Nailed it.”

12. “They asked, I did.”

13. “My flatmate had too much time on his hands.”

14. “Decided to do a mall goth photo with Santa. Turned out gloriously. I’m in my mid-30s.”

15. “My groomsmen were too giggly for the entire picture-taking process. When I asked what was funny, they merely said, “You’ll see.”

What was the funniest thing you or your friends did recently?

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Too many good ones to decide, But the last one...oh yeah...l lol


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