15 Photos That We Need Separate Instructions to Understand

2 years ago

A little confusion isn’t that bad — after all, it can even be beneficial for learning, according to this study. Plus, it’s fun to challenge our brain with a deciphering session where we see photos of things appearing in unusual places or absurdly disappearing from our sight. We may even catch a glimpse of objects that are shockingly out of proportion.

Bright Side believes that unexplainable things ignite the spark of mystery and magic. We’ll share some fun photos that can make you scratch your head for answers.

1. ’’My son and I brought the dog to the beach today.’’

2. ’’Thought I saw the ghost of sleepy hollow on the way to work.’’

3. “A UFO in the sky today”

4. ’’My dog’s leg under her head seems to be coming through her mouth.’’

5. ’’A planking picture I took’’

6. ’’My cat looks like she’s 6 feet tall.’’

7. ’’I was very confused by my long arm for a second there.’’

8. ’’I took a picture of a lizard on a window, and it looks like a massive killer lizard on the garage.’’

9. ’’My basket fell through the floor.’’

10. ’’My wife said it looks like something’s wrong with my foot.’’

11. ’’My girlfriend and I couldn’t decide who was wearing the suit.’’

12. ’’I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly.’’

13. ’’When I opened the trunk, I freaked out thinking someone stole the cover and the spare tire. Then I remembered that I bought a mirror.’’

14. ’’This cloud looks like the ocean.’’

15. ’’My daughter might be a demon.’’

How do you explain these kinds of photos? Do you believe there is a mysterious explanation behind them or are they the result of simple coincidences?

Preview photo credit webby_mc_webberson/Reddit


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