17 Random Discoveries That Made People Open Their Eyes Wide

2 years ago

One of the main reasons people share things online is because they want others to engage with them in order to feel important. Another reason is that we want to share our joy and excitement about something with others. So it’s not only about feeling good about ourselves, but also about lifting others.

Bright Side knows that life is full of surprises and revelations that we should keep our eyes open in order to notice.

1. “This snake I found in a can last summer”

2. “Gummy teeth, found on a Las Vegas trip”

3. “My hotel jacuzzi tub fills up from the ceiling.”

4. “There’s a fork in this road.”

5. “Found $50 outside my house in the leaves and mud with a rock on it, but it wasn’t there yesterday.”

6. “Pretzel ice cream cones”

7. “This icicle outside my dad’s shop”

8. “This orange my sister found”

9. “A tree struck by lightning”

10. “The supermarket I work at sells horizontally sliced bread.”

11. “My dog found a large pile of carrots in the woods.”

12. “My hotel shower had a water thermometer.”

13. “This lemon tree at a temple I’m visiting today”

14. “Someone put a Bob Ross toaster in our breakroom, and it burns an image of Bob Ross onto the toast.”

15. “This burger puzzle has a piece shaped like the whole puzzle.”

16. “Found this mushroom while hiking in the woods, there’s gotta be a rabbit hole nearby.”

17. “This moss-covered boot I found in the woods”

Have you ever found anything that you felt the whole world needed to see? Was it some type of unusual food or a long-lost item in the woods?

Preview photo credit Bobguyawesome / reddit


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