15+ Creative People Who Turned Everyday Things Into Something Completely Different

2 years ago

Giving various materials a second life is a right way to move into the future. If you are creative enough, this approach can lead you to do great things. For example, a wedding ring can be made out of old cymbals, CDs can be turned into a beautiful suncatcher, or one can even sew a dress using thrifted curtains.

We at Bright Side are all for creativity, which is why we’ve found 17 examples of how old things can be given a second, even more interesting, life.

1. “I make wallets out of old baseball gloves, so I decided to do something with the scraps.”

2. “I made this topaz pendant out of wire.”

3. “I made a removable collar out of a vintage sheet.”

4. “Spooky season is coming up!”

5. “I made a denim jacket out of recycled jeans and some denim. I’m so proud!”

6. “I made a necklace out of mushrooms and lichen I collected myself.”

7. “I made my girlfriend a dress out of Pottery Barn Star Wars sheets.”

8. “I made a ring for my upcoming wedding out of one of my old cymbals.”

9. “I made a solar water fountain and planter out of an old water pump, a bucket, and a barrel!”

10. “Making plant pots out of milk bottle tops using turned aluminum molds”

11. “I made a donkey from an old fur jacket.”

12. “I made a dress out of plastic bags.”

13. “A deer head sculpture made out of old car parts and random gears”

14. “Here’s a rug I made out of old jeans. It was fun!”

15. “A milkmaid dress I made out of old bedding that was going to be thrown out”

16. “A suncatcher made out of old CDs”

17. “I made a dress out of old thrifted lace curtains and scrap lining!”

Which transformation did you find to be the most creative?

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