15+ People Who Overcame Life’s Toughest Challenges to Finish Their Masterpieces

2 years ago

Keeping our hands busy and making crafts can be a great form of therapy and stress relief. However, some people take what they’re doing very seriously and go the extra mile by spending endless hours and energy to hone their art piece and the result definitely shows it. In the face of this kind of dedication, we can’t help but be impressed and inspired.

At Bright Side we love it when creativity, passion, and hard work come together, that’s why we want to share a collection of cool crafts with you that will put a smile on your face.

1. ’’I spent almost a 100 hours hand painting quotes from The Dark Knight.’’

2. ’’It nearly cost me my sanity, but my scale dress is finally complete!’’

3. “I painted a banana in an aluminum container using oil paint on a flat (but not rectangular) panel.”

4. ’’After 6 months of stitching, it’s finally done and I’m so proud.’’

5. ’’She always finds a way to steal our pizza. So now she has her own pizza.’’

6. ’’Asked my mom to do a Harry Potter inspired gingerbread house this year and she delivered this masterpiece.’’

7. ’’I made 20 bees for a company that makes honey. I’d be okay if I never make another bee again.’’

8. 6 months of hard work. 414 individual crochet squares. This is my wife’s gift to me.

9. ’’I crocheted a cheeseburger and my cat loves it so much.’’

10. ’’This fur coat was made in one sitting, like the sheep itself. The coat hanger was made especially for the sheep.’’

11. ’’I spent 100+ hours of my life drawing a berry tart.’’

12. ’’It took 4 months but it finally happened! My cat actually sat in the sofa I crocheted for her.’’

13. ’’My mom hand cut and stained all the pieces for this wall.’’

14. Cost me $2,500 in materials and $500 in new tools. I am super proud of the results.

15. ’’Wire and clay whippet with a heart of gold that I just finished’’

16. ’’Just finished this today. Fabric was painted and then I embroidered it by hand using an upholstery needle and yarn.’’

Which one of these art pieces inspired you the most? Do you like to get creative and crafty in your spare time?

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No: 9 & no: 12 really tickled the funny bone 4 me bc l'm an animal lover. But truly there are So Many here you can Really see people put their Hearts & Souls into their special creations and honestly l appreciate being able to see and appreciate each and every one...Thank you.


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