15 Relatable Situations That Each of Us Can Call “The Story of My Life”

2 years ago

Stepping on mud with your white sneakers on or realizing something you lost was near you the entire time. Some things happen to the best of us at least once in a lifetime. No one has an explanation why, it’s just how it happens. Fortunately, some people know how to make light of these facepalm moments.

Bright Side now proves Hannah Montana was right when she sang “Nobody’s Perfect”.

1. “The real walk of shame.”

2. “I wore a mesh hat on a 30 mile hike. Feeling like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender today.”

3. “My loom before and after the art teacher ‘helped’ me.”

4. “For a month, I thought I lost my wedding ring on a road trip. Then, I realized it was under my husband’s deodorant.”

5. “On my way to the market I stepped in a bit of mud.”

6. “Tried to capture the moment I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend.”

7. “I hate everything.”

8. “This rogue sleeve in all my wedding photos.”

9. “When you finish your food, and your bowl rages agaisnt you.”

10. “When you’re on a 2 way road and the person behind you won’t turn off the high beams.”

11. “My commute is 45 minutes. Just pulled up to the office, reached for my bags and...”

12. “Watching a movie in class on a dirty whiteboard, with a crooked, blurry projector.”

13. “I thought this was silver wrapping paper.”

14. “This burger I got. The cashier told me it was acceptable.”

15. “What I asked for vs. What I got.”

Which of these has happened to you before? Meet us in the comments for an amusing convo!

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the "silver" wrapping paper still makes me giggle...brings back lovely memories! 😍


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