24 Touching Photos That Are Full of Strong Emotions

2 years ago

There are pictures that you can delete without any hesitation. But there are also photos that make us laugh or cry. They stick in our memory and sometimes even change our perception of the world.

Bright Side gathered 24 amazing photos from internet users that reach the depths of our souls.

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Unbridled joy looks like this:

Margaret Bekema had to leave school to take care of her family. She got her diploma several decades later when she was 97.

“My son is seeing snow for the first time.”

“This is what makes America great.”

“Being in chemo all day is not exactly how I pictured spending my 21st birthday, but hey! I made it to 21! As long as I’m around for my 22nd, I can’t complain!”

“My 96-year-old granny’s reaction to her first FaceTime!”

“I got engaged last night. I’m so happy that my cheeks are about to break off.”

“First time at the beach”

“My son has a rare condition known as Hypotrichosis. He has just recently come out of the hospital for treatment, and he pulled off this super cool pose.”

“When she comes home from a long day at school, having a bad day, she cuddles her best friend.”

“My grandpa sees his navy commander again for the first time in a long time.”

“Lost my friend of 12 years. This was the last picture I got of him.”

At the finish line, this man pulled, pushed, and lifted his disabled twin brother through an IronMan.

“My 2-month-old daughter slept for 8.5 hours last night. This is the picture I took this morning. It’s a reflection of my feelings as well.”

“My daughter and our cat always have to be touching when they nap.”

“My daughter wanted a ’Mommy Drink’ on her birthday.”

“He’s amazed at how fast stuff is moving outside the car window.”

“Big brother is watching his little brother getting his first kiss.”

“This dog was returned to the shelter right after he was adopted.”

Despite his mental disorder, Mario had been working at the zoo for 25 years. Before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and put into the hospital, he wanted to say goodbye to his favorite giraffes. These smart animals came to him and kissed him.

“My friend woke from a 42-day coma a few weeks ago. He made it very clear since he woke that he wants Taco Bell but has been unable to eat yet. I have never seen true happiness until now.”

“Our dog was sad about the cone. Thankfully, our son was willing to cheer him up!”

“2 elephants reach out in a brief moment of love and bonding before being taken away from each other for a lifetime.”

Which pic did you like the most? Did they cheer you up? Or do you have your own touching photos? Share with us!

Preview photo credit GiorgioMD / reddit


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