20+ People Who Really Love Their Job and Are the Best at Doing It

2 years ago

Work can either be a burden or one of the most fun things in life, depending on the approach you take. Most of the time, people who think working is a terrible experience think of their jobs as an imposition that they have to deal with. But those who enjoy their job are always looking for ways to do it better, and in some cases, it’s possible to see how much they enjoy what they do with just a simple glance. And for some, that order or perfection becomes more important than the workload itself.

Bright Side recognizes those who love what they do and who allow us to see pictures like the ones you’ll find below, all of which are a product of their care and dedication.

1. “This organized makeup store in Korea”

2. “I finally made the perfect cupcake swirl while at work.”

3. “This most excellent display my friend who works for Safeway just built and sent me a pic of”

4. “I can’t stop thinking about this tray of mini blackberry tarts we made at work this week.”

5. “Games at the thrift shop were arranged according to color.”

6. It’s so tidy that we don’t want to take anything from here.

7. “Totally obsessed with these teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies I made at work!”

8. “Organized books in a North Park store”

9. “Color coordinated vegetables at the supermarket”

10. “Look at this. It’s perhaps the neatest and most orderly store I have ever been to in my life.”

11. “I started in frozen goods 2 weeks ago after no one wanted to take the department. I’m starting to get things under control.”

12. “This flan that my friend made at work”

13. “My kitchen work in progress”

14. “The way these vegetables are arranged”

15. “I organized the embalming fluid at work today.”

16. “I work in retail and tidy up the shelves. Today, the milk section looked very chaotic. So I decided to take a before and after picture!”

17. “I was very proud of this today at work.”

18. “Arranged these crayons at work today...”

19. “I’ve never seen anything in a supermarket look so organized!”

20. “This truck with perfectly stacked firewood”

21. “The way they organized the coffee cups at my work”

22. “The way these colorful threads are organized”

23. “The owner wanted to cut down the tree for the deck, but I talked him into building a bench around it instead.”

24. “Another pair of Sapele cane chairs are finished, wax polish is finished too.”

25. “I made a wedding cake for my friends. As an amateur baker, I’m really proud of how it turned out.”

26. “This restaurant has receptacles in the table so you won’t spill your drink on your phone.”

27. A vet put a tiny cast on a baby hamster’s broken paw.

28. When a “fake” friend becomes a real one

What has been your most outstanding achievement in what you do? Can you share a picture of it?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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