15+ Pics Showing the Difference Between Generations

2 years ago

Our grandparents are our closest and most direct link with the past. With all the decades that separate us, we might not always understand the way they think or how they see and live life. This, of course, might result in absurd situations and funny misunderstandings between generations. However, despite those differences, our elderly family members embody the charming mystery of an era we haven’t witnessed but that keeps on fascinating us.

Bright Side believes that grandmas and grandpas have so many hidden gems waiting to be explored by us. And that’s why we gathered a fun and curious collection of photos that will warm your heart.

1. This foldable fan has a box that says, “Keep cool and be gay.”

2. ’’My grandma put her wallpaper on her pencil sharpener.’’

3. What a shopping list looked like back in the day

4. ’’My great-grandfather’s social security card was made out of metal, not paper.’’

5. ’’This old Pringles can my grandma uses to hold her paint brushes.’’

6. These must-have classic bird scissors

7. The cookie tin can, a.k.a. the sewing container that every grandma owns...

8. ’’My great-grandmother records the year every time she pulls out her turkey themed salt and pepper shakers.’’

9. ’’This antique calculator my grandmother owns’’

10. ’’My great aunt still uses a bread box.’’

11. ’’My grandma still has her 16-year-old Nokia.’’

12. ’’A 1957 3D picture viewer from my grandparents’ wedding’’

13. “Grandma’s overused cutlery that has melted over time”

14. ’’My great-grandmother’s vintage oven’’

15. ’’My great-great-aunt’s makeup case from the 1920s’’

16. ’’My grandmother has a fridge magnet showing the cost of living from the year 1929.’’

17. ’’My great-grandma’s medical bill from 1950’’

18. ’’I took the plastic wrapper off the family TV remote, and this was my mother’s response.’’

Which one of these images did you find the most surprising, and are there any that look familiar? Would you have loved to be born in a different era?

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l use cling film to wrap all remote controls..for blocking the dust that get into the control,because too much dust that can affect the buttons' contact,in this picture that is just a mesh bag,can't block the dust.

Comment with image on Bright Side
2 years ago
Shhh! The comment is asleep.

wish that the medical bills still cost that much in stead of 1000s of $


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