20+ People Whose Entire Day Changed Dramatically by a Twist of Fate

2 years ago

Whether the cause is a bad stroke of luck, our own shortcomings, or things unexpectedly taking an ugly turn, sometimes life throws unfortunate events at us to test our patience and resilience. They might seem a complete disaster at the time, but when we look back at those not-so-great moments we can always find a funny twist, a precious lesson, or a captivating story that will spice up our discussions during gatherings with friends.

Bright Side has gathered a collection of curious circumstances that made an ordinary day go south. If you’re thinking that you’re having an unlucky day you might want to think twice after seeing these.

1. ’’When you live in Norway and forget to close the window.’’

2. ’’I spilled 50,000 glass beads on the ground and I now have to sort them by hand.’’

3. ’’$400 window replacement to steal a pair of $20 headphones I found at goodwill...’’

4. ’’My boss’s secretary quit this morning after delivering breakfast.’’

5. ’’My chips fell off my desk in the worst way possible.’’

6. ’’My mom ordered a TV for my birthday, we just opened it up...’’

7. ’’Tempered glass lid shattered, giving me Schrodinger’s Stir-Fry.’’

8. ’’Convinced myself to get groceries and make a healthy dinner.’’

9. ’’Just got home from a 10 hour shift and my front door key broke off in the lock.’’

10. ’’Halfway into the pizza, noticed there’s a huge footprint inside the pizza box.’’

11. ’’My keys decided I’m not going anywhere today.’’

12. ’’I thought I was having a bad day, until I drove by this.’’

13. ’’I have 4 exams in the next 2 weeks. Soonest I can receive a replacement is 15 days from now.’’

14. ’’I forgot the Pepsi was in the back of my car, and it was −16 Fahrenheit night before last.’’

15. ’’In ten seconds I’m going to discover the value of lifejackets.’’

16. ’’I realized I came to work like this. I work 1.5 hours from home, so I can’t go home and change.’’

17. ’’A mosquito bit my inner eye lid. I don’t know what’s worse, the aching or the itching.’’

18. ’’Phone slipped out of my pocket while mowing.’’

19. ’’Ran over a mattress, it got caught under the rear wheel and caught fire.’’

20. ’’This squirrel stole the croissant I’d been saving to finally enjoy after a bad day.’’

21. ’’My neighbor’s tree fell on my house today.’’

Which one of these situations would you dread the most? What was the most unfortunate thing that happened to you by pure coincidence?

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