15 Truly Unexpected Findings That Only a Handful of People Have Seen

2 years ago

There’s a powerful quote that states, “Every day is a new adventure so embrace it fully with your whole heart and soul.” And that is exactly the case since no matter how ordinary your life is, every day has the potential to be a new page in your book. The only thing you need to do is keep your eyes open, and you will see something new that you never thought could exist.

Bright Side feels very lucky to have stumbled upon 15 pictures that capture rare sightings that not all of us have seen.

1. “I found this tiny feather from my bird.”

2. “My dog laying down with his head on the curb...”

3. “Instead of a broken wheel on my shopping cart, I have a shopping cart for my broken wheel.”

4. “Icicles on my trucks wheels”

5. “Found this flower growing out of the floor crack in my apartment.”

6. “A piece of wood I found”

7. “A pen that melted and deformed, it works perfectly fine, and it’s in good condition.”

8. Colorful eggs are the future.

9. “Melted apple sculptures.”

10. “This plant growing up a road sign post.”

11. “I buy honey from backroad beekeeper stands.”

12. “Nature has spotted my dog.”

13. “My prescription glass lenses are so thick when fitted to these vintage aviator frames.”

14. This twisted circle built out of stone

15. “My local supermarket grows their own herbs in-store.”

What has been the most unique thing you’ve seen lately and do you think it would be worth it for other people to see?


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