19 People Who Discovered Something Really Unexpected in Their Own Home

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Sometimes you don’t even need to leave your home to get some new experiences or find something unexpected. And the heroes of this article know this firsthand. Some of them were unlucky enough to deal with home disasters, while others were surprised to discover real treasure underneath the layers of dust.

“I found something that didn’t belong in my garage.”

“There’s a plant growing out of my carpet.”

“My Christmas tree was so fresh, it had grown new buds since being in my house.”

“The ice at my house is 0.315 inches thick.”

  • The ice storms in the Pacific Northwest have made getting down our steep driveway very difficult. After I went out to take out the trash, I also had to scrape ice off. This block was particularly pure, so I brought it inside to measure. I didn’t have a ruler handy, so I used this tape measure instead. © atchemey / Reddit

“I’m going to need a bigger snowblower.”

“My wife said she heard a noise in the laundry room.”

“I just wanted to cook some food.”

“It’s so hot in Western Australia that my kitchen gloves melted to the window.”

“I pulled up the nasty carpet in my sunroom and found this. Do you think it’s possible to clean it off, or is it a lost cause?”

“We had a small leak in our attic.”

“We were worried about water damage in the brand-new carpets. Turns out, falling through the ceiling is a bit of a bigger issue.”

“I was cleaning out Grandma’s basement and found this old video game system still in the box.”

“This soybean started growing in my sink.”

“The hidden room behind the closet in our laundry room”

  • It’s actually hidden behind a closet with an entrance from a tiny door. Obviously, it’s the old well/water tank. Still fun. © ShortcakeAKB / Reddit

“I’ve just found a hidden room in my attic after living in the house for 25 years.”

“I bought this lamp about a year ago. And now I took it apart and the lights are not user replaceable.”

“We decided to replace the 112-year-old. There were 4 layers, and this was under them all. I think it was done on purpose.”

“We found a well in our 1946 home. What should we do to it?”

  • I would open it to the public and encourage folks to flip coins into it for good luck. Then I’d harvest the coins and fulfil my dreams. © PhraseLegitimate2945 / Reddit

“I found a beautiful blue ceiling in my grandma’s house built in 1900.”

“I’m redoing one of the bedrooms and found this behind the trim. The whole wall was covered in this, but it was under 4 layers of paint.”

Have you ever found anything surprising in your own home?

Preview photo credit BumpoSplat / Reddit


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