21 Designers Who Definitely Deserve a Raise for Their Products

2 years ago

We get used to everything in our lives and don’t even realize that some things can be improved to ease our routine. Designers are the exact people who can develop trivial items with new genius features.

We at Bright Side got inspired by some inventions and want to share them with you so you can brighten your day with some innovation.

1. “The bike rack at this dentist’s office looks like it’s being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.”

2. This coffee measuring spoon is also a clip to keep the bag of coffee closed.

3. Puzzle carpet

4. “A disposable bowl made out of nothing but 3 pressed leaves, all fastened together with just a small bamboo pin”

5. “This soap dispenser makes soap in the shape of Mickey Mouse.”

6. “This sidewalk sign that shows an umbrella when it gets wet”

7. Lithuania on Valentine’s Day

8. Elevator kick buttons

9. “The hardwood floor grew a table.”

10. The pro-bike sign

11. A pen made of recycled water bottles casts a shadow of a water bottle.

12. “They had a bike at my school to blend smoothies they were handing out at lunch.”

13. “My school combats littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans.”

14. “Somebody deserves a medal for the design of this grocery basket.”

15. A smartly designed street sign with a street light

16. “The coke bottle on this cup is transparent, so the bottle empties as you drink.”

17. “The fence moved to leave space for the tree to grow.”

18. “This restaurant uses shadows to show which restrooms are for men and women.”

19. “This mug I found with a tea bag holder”

20. “The bottle with a removable bottom part”

21. “My empanada says what meat is inside.”

Which item did you like the most? What would you invent to ease people’s lives?

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