14 People Managed to Light Our Hearts With Their Photos Without Even Trying

2 years ago

Nothing can immortalize vivid emotions better than a photo snapped at the perfect moment. And even if we’re feeling at our worst, a simple image has the power to make us mentally travel to a brighter world — the photo doesn’t even have to belong to us. This is because cheerful situations are contagious and all it takes is to see a laughing face in order for us to smile as well.

Bright Side believes that special moments always make us feel better when they are shared with others. Here are some photos that will make your day a million times better.

1. ’’He’s been living in my loofah for months. I didn’t have the heart to put him outside.’’

2. "The dog I was supposed to get rid of because she’s blind and dangerous to my newborn: they are now inseparable.’’

3. ’’My wife bought our cats a sofa, then a throw pillow, and finally a mini afghan.’’

4. ’’Welcome to the world, baby Razorback.’’

5. ’’I think my mom likes her early Christmas present.’’

6. ’’Our neighbors adopted a dog, so my dad cut holes in the fence.’’

7. ’’Buttercup is ready for the Minnesota winter.’’

8. ’’He told me it made his suitcase lighter.’’

9. ’’At the ripe old age of 18, he smiles huge for his dinner of chicken and potatoes.’’

10. ’’From elementary school to motherhood, he has always been by my side for 21 years.’’

11. ’’When my daughter leaves to visit her grandparents, Penelope always steals her favorite stuffy.’’

12. ’’I wasn’t able to attend my sister’s wedding. But I was there online and somehow we got this photo together.’’

13. ’’I wanted my friend to be with me the whole time.’’

14. ’’My daughter feeding her cousin mac n’ cheese on Halloween’’

Do you often take photos of happy times? What is the most cheerful snap you have in your family album?

Preview photo credit Away-Whereas7748/Reddit


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