15 Unusual Things That Will Make You Do Nothing but Cringe

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The internet has become an excellent way for us all to share our lives, and most of the time, we can learn fun new facts or come across beautiful pictures. But we’re also now able to gain access to more and more things we wish we never saw in the first place. These 15 people shared peculiar objects and situations, so we could all collectively cringe at them together.

1. “This bathroom has mouths as urinals.”

2. “The Handy Chops™️”

3. “Found this urinal in an Irish bar in Oslo, haven’t got a clue.”

4. “I had hyperdontia and my mom kept all my teeth.”

5. “Spider in our pantry...”

6. “The most interesting urinal I’ve seen IRL”

7. “This monkey doll that my grandma has”

8. “This pile of fat that was blocking my kitchen sink”

9. “Mom’s toilet paper”

10. “The JiffyFlosser”

11. “You had one job.”

12. “The handsome Kirby I saw on my coworker’s desk”

13. “My locked box”

14. “Toilet paper earrings!”

15. “Oyster nails”

Was there ever a time in your life when you came across a curious object that made you both admire the effort that went into it and question the artist as well? Share a picture of it with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit veloholic91 / Reddit


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