16 Stories That Prove Love Will Always Beat the Odds When You Meet the Right Person

2 years ago

We meet people unexpectedly and assume it’s just a phase, but fate has other plans. Love may seem impossible at first, but for some reason, it finds us and makes it possible. This can result in the perfect fairy tale to share with others that is truly magical.

At Bright Side, we compiled stories from people who proved that love has no limitations, and wherever it may find us, it will always be the type of love we’ve been looking for.

Alex Bailey / New Line Cinema / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News, © tangledknitter / Reddit
  • I was flying a short-haul domestic (1.5-hour) flight. I sat next to this beautiful woman and I found myself doing the opposite of what I’d normally do in that situation, I made small talk with her. We chatted for the entire flight, and we both seemed to not want it to end. But the end of the flight came, and we parted ways without even exchanging numbers. She was a visitor to the country, and I expected never to see her again.
    A few weeks later, I’m boarding an international flight, and there she is, on the plane, about 10 rows in front of me! I asked the lady next to her if she’d like to swap seats with me, as I had an empty seat next to mine. She accepted. We spent the 12-hour flight chatting again, this time a lot more deeply.
    Anyway, one thing led to another, and we got married less than three months later. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. She passed away less than a year after we were married. But that time we had together was perfect, every last second of it. © anonyforest / Reddit
  • When I was younger, my best friend made an off-hand comment: “If you were a girl, I’d want to date you.” I think it was meant as a joke at the time. One transition later, he was true to his word. We’re together now. © speckledspectacles / Reddit
  • Met a girl online about 20 years ago one summer after college, found out we live in nearby towns, so we decided to get together. We go out on a few dates and drive by a local pre-school.
    Me: “Hey, that’s where I went to pre-school!”
    Her: “That’s where I went to pre-school!”
    That day, we found a pre-school class photo. There we were, 2 feet from each other. A few months later, my dad finds some old footage of a Christmas play our pre-school class put on. We’re standing right next to each other. © pkunk-is-not-d*** / Reddit
PARAMOUNT PICTURES / EMERSON, SAM / Album / EAST NEWS, © ReadingFrenzy / Reddit
  • I met a guy on a website. We texted for 3 weeks, almost canceled our first date because it was raining, and I was tired, and someone had hit my car parked on the street. Got to the gate, and he didn’t speak a word of English and had been using Google Translate to text me that whole time, and we live together now. © megamonster88 / Reddit
  • We couldn’t stand each other. I was dating their best friend, so we kept having to interact. I eventually broke up with the friend for other reasons, but we stayed close. Kept having to interact with the person I couldn’t stand. For years. We kinda grew on each other, and we’re married now. (And the friend was in the wedding party). © harpejjist / Reddit
  • I met my husband when I got a new job at a grocery store, and the guy from the deli came up and yelled at me for hanging up on customers when I couldn’t figure out the phone transfer process. He was that guy from the deli, and we’re together now. © GoodbyeTobyseeya1 / Reddit
Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection/Everett Collection/East News, © Gman513 / Reddit
  • We met in elementary school. I transferred schools before high school, and we lost touch. We found out we had enrolled at the same university, in the same program. We’re married now. © reneeclaireblog / Reddit
  • I was in eighth grade, and she was a year younger. I had a thing with her best friend. I was walking home with my best friend when she joined us. I absolutely lost it inside when I saw her. She looked so beautiful and cute walking home with her violin in hand. Her parents had a rule about dating until she was 16. They came around eventually, but not for a few tough years. Today marks 8 years together. I am getting married in May 2022. I still wake up every day and realize how absolutely lucky I am to have her. © FortifiedG** / Reddit
  • My little sister and her husband had crushes on each other in middle school, also not allowed to date until they were 16 (within a few weeks of each other). They got married at 20, celebrated their 8-year wedding anniversary this week, and have 3 adorable little ones. © runnyc10 / Reddit
Mary Evans Picture Library/East News, © RedSnowVIII / Reddit
  • I was sitting on a concrete slab eating lunch. He sat under a palm tree and yelled to me, “Hey, you can sit here.” I said, “Looks like I can sit right here too,” and kept eating. He looked offended and walked away, and now we’re engaged. © UnDedo / Reddit
  • I met this girl. She started calling me, then every time I went out to eat or to a movie, she showed up. Sometimes I would come home from work, and she would be waiting outside my place with dinner. The last time she came over, she never left. Sure, she leaves for a bit, but she comes right back. © LunchI3ox / Reddit
  • We had been dating for 2 months. While driving around one day, I was telling him about my little sister and how a boy at her school had a crush on her. I laughed as I said he proposed to her and said “She’s only 5, I’ve never had anyone propose to me,” and without missing a beat he said, “I’ll marry you.” Anyways, it’s been 9 years, a house, a kid, and 2 dogs, and we are married now. © Wubbalubbadubbitydo / Reddit

Which of these stories touched your heart? Do you have any similar stories like these? Tell us in the comments.

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