16 Sweet Pics That Can Wash Away Your Tiredness

2 years ago

It’s been proven that petting a cat releases endorphins, but no worries if you don’t have one. You can always look at adorable photos. After a long and tiring day, even a simple picture feels like a little light at the end of the tunnel. All you need to do is sit back, scroll through the images, and feel the endorphins kick in.

Bright Side found 16 photos, and each of them has a portion of the happy hormones for you.

1. “This friendly fellow came aboard for a little head scratch.”

2. “This is Betty. Betty knows you’re up to no good.”

3. “You weigh...”

4. “The perfect getaway”

5. “The prettiest flower in the garden”

6. “Meet my dumb little brother, Teddy.”

7. “Every day, my fiancé says, ’I hate the cats,’ then does this every night.”

8. “Hello, neighbor. How are you?”

9. “Just 5 more minutes, please.”

10. “’I don’t want that stinky rat-looking thing near me.’ Then proceeds to buy matching sweaters.”

11. “Pablo’s first trip to the vet”

12. “The single greatest picture I have ever taken of my cat”

13. “A cyclone is bringing dangerous weather. Please be advised of the lesser-known, equally dangerous derp cyclone.”

14. “I too would sleep like this if I had no bills to pay.”

15. “Left her in the hall by accident (she’s out now).”

16. “He’s embarrassed I bought him an outfit.”

What’s the most adorable photo you’ve ever seen? Do cute videos or photos make you feel better?

Preview photo credit forsaken-illness / Reddit


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