23 Rebellious Animals That Don’t Care About Humans’ Rules

5 years ago

We all really like rules and restrictions, don’t we? We also have a huge pile of instructions for our pets: where to sleep, what to eat, what to do and not to do. But animals usually have their own opinions and sometimes they just get tired of being “good pets” and start doing what they want.

Bright Side has also faced some rebels and today, we’d like to show some photos proving that animals love freedom and don’t care about our rules.

23. “I’m not swimming, I’m sitting.”

22. This duck doesn’t care.

21. “We sent the dog outside for standing on our coffee table. This was his response.”

20. “Apparently my cat doesn’t like the new brand of cat food.”

19. Mama cat encourages her kitten to overcome difficulties.

18. Instant karma

17. Dogs do whatever they want!

16. This cat doesn’t agree.

15. A cat lets you know what they think about your rules.

14. “Oh, really?”

13. Quick improvisation

12. “I can’t read though.”

11. “I thought this was a cat feature...”

10. “Don’t mind my rebellious spirit.”

9. “Oh, are these beds for me? Thank you, I like the drawer.”

8. Rules are meant to be broken!

7. Goats are stubborn.

6. “I have to destroy this hint.”

5. You can’t just make a pigeon do what you want.

4. So what?

3. Cats always choose a comfy and warm bed to sleep in.

2. “Just what I need.”

1. Rules are for losers!

Do your pets do anything funny? Share some photos of them with us in the comments!

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"Apparently my cat doesn’t like the new brand of cat food" №3 for crying out loud!! Yeah sister show them)


#18 didn't see that coming :D And they say parrots are intelligent.


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