15+ Times When People’s Logic Decided to Take a Short Vacation

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Scientists claim that a fear of failure tops the list of things most people are afraid of. Being afraid of doing something wrong turned out to be even stronger than a fear of spiders. But there are people who fail so gracefully and without any fear, that we could probably learn a lesson or 2 from them. And today we made them the heroes of our article.

Here at Bright Side, we love to find positive things even in situations that make our eyes twitch. Today, we’ve collected 16 vivid examples of how messy things may get sometimes, and some of them will give you a good laugh, while the others will make you just ask, “Why?”

1. “This sink at my school.”

2. “So do I sue someone or something? Found synthetic leaves in my bag of mixed salad leaves.”

3. “Individually wrapped potatoes. More plastic everywhere.”

4. “Emergency hammer locked with cable ties.”

5. “’That’s not going to hold without a stud,’ my SO said. ’Don’t worry,’ I replied. ’I’ve got half-inch toggle bolts.’”

6. “Our cat seems to be taking the arrival of our new puppy well...”

7. “Packing the bike has never been easier.”

8. “Bike lane in Varaždin, Croatia.”

9. “I changed the door boss.”

10. “Gotta keep the wires fresh.”

11. “Getting married in 4 days and my fiancé and I wanted to write nice letters to our loved ones on the day. This is what came in the mail.”

12. “My meat pie tonight turned out to be solid pastry all the way through.”

13. “This Detroit style pizza I got after ordering online.”

14. “This is what happens when your baby LOVES buttons and knows how to open the sunroof.”

15. “In my opinion, this is the real problem with WC.”

16. “Jordan heels...”

What was one of your most memorable failures of all time? How do you usually deal with cases when things don’t turn out how you expected?


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