20 People Who Brilliantly Solved Their Problem by Thinking Outside of the Box

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3 years ago

Learning new ways to solve problems is a part of our daily lives, and it’s especially cool if you’ve found a new and brilliant approach. Like using a bra to support a growing watermelon or using the hood from a sweatshirt as a means to carry a pet around. There are always new ways to solve problems, all we have to do is find them, or think differently and solve them ourselves.

Bright Side loves learning new and brilliant ways to solve problems and sharing them with you is what we love doing the most.

1. Puppy pocket

2. My melons needed support.

3. Safest way to run with keys

4. If the aglet (the plastic around the end of a shoelace) falls off and you can’t lace your shoe without it, wrap it tightly with string and then super glue over it.

5. Did this in the back of my notebook for quick things I need to jot down, but don’t want to cram up my notes with.

6. Using your laptop outdoors.

7. I bought an open box 24″ TV that didn’t include the feet. Then I bought some small shelf brackets for $2 for a set of 4, and zip tied them together. They fit near-perfectly in the slots. It’s very stable!

8. When you’ve got too many groceries to fit in your pickup.

9. Use a knife to cool down your crisp toast so it won’t get soggy! That’s right! This hack is not just for bagels!

10. Put an ‘S’ on 2 of the short-side corners of our almost-square-but-not-quite blanket so I don’t have to figure it out each time I’m changing the sheets.

11. I use my fan to vent the fumes away from me when onion chopping.

12. The easiest way to water your garden

13. Use letter trays as additional freezer shelves.

14. Drill a bunch of holes in a 5 gallon bucket and use that to collect your fruits and vegetables, and wash them all at once.

15. Putting a hair tie over your wrist with box dye gloves makes them almost useful.

16. Use a plastic egg carton if you don’t have a module tray for planting seeds. Cut holes in the top and bottom with a razor blade and fill with potting mix.

17. “Use a ladder when hauling tall plants.”

18. So if you want to reheat pizza without it getting soggy, just put it in the toaster.

19. Use an egg box to keep screws and bolts organized when taking apart an engine.

20. If you run out of AA batteries for anything, AAA batteries and a small crumpled-up ball of aluminum foil will make a good replacement.

If you think you’ve found a brilliant way to solve a popular problem, we would love it if you shared it with our community.

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