17 Creative Brides That Don’t Need a Standard Wedding Dress to Look Gorgeous

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2 years ago

Many brides would agree that saying “yes” to a wedding dress is almost as important as saying “yes” to the groom. It should not only turn the girl into a princess but also reflect her character and individuality. Sometimes, a simple white dress is not enough.

We at Bright Side think that a non-standard approach to choosing a wedding dress helped these women look amazing. And in the bonus section, you’ll see Bella Swan’s dress that someone recreated and posted online.

“My rainbow wedding gown! My local wedding dress maker brought my vision to life!”

  • I’m not the kind of person who sees something wholesome and posts something super positive and supportive. But your dress is awesome and you’re awesome. © thccdd / Reddit

“I got married this weekend and made my own wedding dress. I’m still swooning over the extra-large bell sleeves!”

“My custom mustard yellow wedding dress is finally done!”

“Just wanted to show off my wedding dress from yesterday, made my day and the husband loves it too.”

“My wedding sneaks have arrived!”

This sunset dress is simply amazing.

“A wedding dress for my sister that I knitted last year”

“Found the dress for our small backyard ceremony and it has pockets!”

“Got my dream tennies for my sunrise Grand Canyon elopement in June 2022!”

“I’m so happy I went slightly non-traditional with my dress!”

“My mother-in-law made me this vintage-inspired wedding dress. We were married at a steel mill where both of our grandfathers worked as teenagers during World War II.”

The bride is a Pokémon fan and the long belt on the dress reflects the color locations in the game.

“My husband didn’t understand the reference and thought it was something traditional.”

“I’m a seamstress and made a comfy little dress.”

“I just wanted to say yes when I put this dress on!”

“Custom-made dress to capture the coming together of 2 cultures.”

A girl asked to decorate her wedding shoes to honor her brother.

“If you’re thinking about wearing an untraditional dress, this is your sign to do it.”

“It was such a last-minute decision, but I’m so glad I did it.”

Bonus: “I’m recreating Bella Swan’s wedding dress from Breaking Dawn, and this is the bodice mock-up.”

Do you think that a wedding dress has to be classically white and long, or can it be a little different?

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brides in those rainbow dresses look very nice. New trend!


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