18 People Who Prove Thrift Stores Are Full of Hidden Treasures

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If you’re a fan of thrifting, you would probably agree that the success of any thrift hunt greatly depends on luck. If you get lucky, you can find a real treasure for almost nothing, or even for free. The heroes of our article managed to thrift silver, gold, pearls, and diamonds for cheap, and it looks like they have hit all possible shopping jackpots.

We at Bright Side couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the treasures 18 Reddit users found in thrift stores, and we hope we get that lucky the next time we go shopping.

1. “I got these for $9.99. It’s 14K gold, pearl, and diamond.”

2. Someone thrifted these diamond earrings for $6.99. Their appraised value is $4,682.

3. “I found a crisp $20 in the pocket of these jeans when I got home!”

4. “A 10K gold chain with a 14K gold pendant — the gold tested as marked and the stone tested as a diamond.”

5. “My best thrift find ever: an 18K gold necklace with 82 diamonds”

6. “99 cents for this antique silver lipstick container — I believe it’s Italian and from the 1930s maybe?”

7. “This old silver and glass ring I got for $1.50”

8. “I found a black and sticky tray in a give-away box on the sidewalk. After cleaning, I discovered it’s 200-year-old massive silver.”

9. “I found over 100 pieces of sterling silver in the Goodwill bins yesterday. Paid about $20 total for all of it.”

10. “An estate sale find: vintage Mikimoto pearls for $25.”

11. “14K pearl drop earrings for $2”

12. “I picked up this sapphire and 10K gold ring in the ’costume jewelry’ jar at a thrift store for $1!”

13. “I found this 18K gold pendant in a ’junk jewelry’ box.”

14. “10K gold earrings that cost me $20”

15. “I bought a box at an estate auction and found a wallet full of old money.”

Yeah ... unfortunately, that old German money is worth absolutely nothing...Hundreds of thousands Deutsche marks wouldn't buy you a quart of milk!


16. “I’ve never been more jealous of a find.”

17. “I found $2,000 in cash in a thrifted suit pocket.”

18. “A man donated his engagement ring. I played with it, not knowing I was wearing my college tuition.”

Do you like thrifting? What was your biggest thrift store find?

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit bonedaddyt / Reddit


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