17 People Who Found Something Mysterious Right Under Their Feet

2 years ago

People who manage to find things lost by others or discover mysterious objects are really lucky to be so attentive. They willingly share their finds online, and we share them with you in our articles.

At Bright Side, we also happened to find different things in places where they should never be. So we know how the heroes of our article feel.

“I found a diamond in my shoe while working out.”

“I found these slippers today while walking with my dog. For comparison, my shoes are a size 12.”

“I just moved into my first house and found this on the front porch. Is this a message?”

“I found this wallet in the desert that had been there for more than 30 years. Alas, I couldn’t find the owner by his passport information.”

“I shared this sad story with my colleague. Then the owner called me himself! It turned out that my colleagues actively got involved in this matter and found the friends of the owner’s daughter. The owner turned out to be a nice man who could remember the amount of money in his wallet even 35 years later. He lost his wallet when he was riding in a cargo bed during a jeep-tour, and they jumped on a road bump.”

“I found 50 bucks outside my house in the leaves and mud with a rock on it, but it wasn’t there yesterday.”

“I found a hermit crab using litter as a home today.”

“I found this ring while digging in my garden.”

“I found this super clear icicle.”

“This huge petal I found”

“This triangle-shaped rock I found”

“This ice formation I found on my walk today”

“This fallen leaf I found with an ’L’ pattern on it”

“This basket stinkhorn I found while bush walking”

“I found this rock with an odd-shaped hole.”

“I found a brightly colored sea slug at the beach today.”

“I found an empty turtle shell in the middle of the woods near a lake.”

“I took a walk in the woods and found a steering wheel.”

What curious things did you happen to find? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ReadAlex / Reddit


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