17 People Recalled Their Meetings With Celebrities and Shared What Famous People Are Like in Real Life

3 years ago

Meeting a celebrity remains an unreachable dream for many people, especially if you live in a small city. However, in general, it’s not all that rare to meet your idol somewhere random since many of them lead a very modest lifestyle, go shopping in supermarkets and flower shops, use public transport, and sit on planes next to ordinary people. And once you encounter a celebrity in an unofficial environment, you’ll instantly understand what kind of people they are.

We at Bright Side love to learn new things about our idols, and that’s why we gladly studied the online thread where people recalled their meetings with celebrities. And we must say that not all of these people found these meetings to be pleasant, while others didn’t do great themselves.

  • I was seeing a Broadway show with my mom in 1992. At intermission, she found me in the downstairs lobby and excitedly said, “I just saw Meryl Streep in the bathroom.” I said, “Please tell me you didn’t say anything to her and you just left her alone.” She said, “I was very good, and didn’t say anything. Look, here she comes now.” And I said, “I’m glad you didn’t say anything to her...because that’s Glenn Close.” © TeddyBearRoosevelt / Reddit
  • Was coincidentally standing behind Danny DeVito’s daughter in a line at McDonald’s and out of nowhere Danny himself shows up right behind me walking up to his daughter. I was too scared to have a real conversation with him, so I simply yelled, “HELLO DANNY DEVITO!” at the top of my lungs to attract attention. He proceeded to yell hello back to me and was then swarmed by the rest of the people in the restaurant because, you know, he’s Danny DeVito. © jayteabott / Reddit
  • When I was little in the ’80s, my family lived in Los Angeles and I took dance classes at the same studio as Nicole Richie. One day, her dad, Lionel Richie, showed up to pick her up from class with his friend, Michael Jackson. He looked exactly like he did on TV at the time with the military-style jacket and a bunch of glittery stuff on it, etc. I was too awestruck to say anything except hello. He was very quiet and polite. © Positive-Goose-7459 / Reddit
  • I spoke with Bill Murray and his sons. I took their order when I worked at an In-N-Out Burger. He was still the coolest dude in person. When they left after eating, he turned toward me and gave me a sort of salute wave. © centraloragain / Reddit
  • I met Kevin Bacon on a plane but I didn’t recognize it was him. Politely asked if his flight companion was Kyra Sedgwick, who I recognized. His expression was of mild surprise, which then made me realize I was missing something. © Thick_Reputation5854 / Reddit
  • Went to cut a tree down at his London house and Jason Statham yelled at us to be careful dragging branches down the side of his newly painted fence. To be fair, he had a point. © SporadicWookie / Reddit
  • I was in high school with Jared Leto, I spoke to him a few times and every time he acted like a bully. I would describe him as a halfwit. © NVdeathclaw / Reddit
  • Chuck Norris has a house in my town and he comes into my wife’s family flower shop to get flowers for his wife, Gina. He is super nice and not nearly as tall as I imagined. © lassenbear / Reddit
  • I used to work in a pizzeria, which was often visited by Emma Watson. So I literally would see and talk to her multiple times a week! Super nice, quiet, and polite. There was also a time where she would have a male friend go out with her and speak for her because as soon as she opened her mouth, you knew it was Hermione Granger from a mile away. © Tokey_Loki / Reddit
  • I spoke to Jason Momoa at a convention. My wife is a huge fan and told me how the dude throws axes. He didn’t say much during the photo opportunity, but afterward, I asked him if he was going to hit up one of the ax-throwing bars nearby. His face lit up and he said, “I don’t have the time during this trip, but thanks for the heads up, brother!” He then gave me a fist bump. My wife was quite jealous. © palmateer / Reddit
  • I once ran into Amy Lee from Evanescence. I was working first aid at a gig and she came out after the show and started chatting with us while we were waiting for the venue to empty out and get the all-clear to pack up our post. She was genuinely shocked to learn I was only 15 or 16 and gave me a hug “for all my work helping their fans.” © Voxael / Reddit
  • I once met Barbra Streisand. She was filming The Prince of Tides at the dock where I worked. She is much smaller than I anticipated. © bcody92 / Reddit
  • I met Simon Pegg when I was working as a cashier. He came up to me with some stationery and I started ringing him up. The entire time I was thinking he looked so much like him, but I didn’t think it was him. After it was done and I was handing him his bag with his stuff, I jokingly said, “Has anyone told you that you look like the guy from Shaun of the Dead?” He replied, “I am the guy from Shaun of the Dead.” © -eDgAR- / Reddit
  • I served Lady Gaga a drink at a Halloween party in a nightclub once when I was bartending. Great smile, very friendly, and a lot shorter in person than I would have thought. © mox44ah / Reddit
  • I once was behind Eminem in line at a gas station and he went to go buy something. He had plenty of cash but he didn’t want to break a big bill so he fished his pocket for change and when he came short I obsequiously offered some of mine. He refused but I insisted, so he said, “Many thanks,” and then he left. © GuardingxCross / Reddit
  • Stephen King is a regular where I work, and he often brings his dog with him. More often than not, the dog actually brings him in because we give her treats. Molly goes crazy for the chicken meatballs. He gave a Funko pop figurine of himself and Molly to my manager as a Christmas present. © scienceisanart / Reddit
  • I met Bryan Cranston at a reception after a charity basketball game he played in. I was standing around near the corner, avoiding the swarm of people chasing the celebs around the room. I sensed someone near me, and it was Cranston. He had come over and stood near me, as he was also overwhelmed. We made small talk (“Good game,” and “Wow, this weather,” sort of stuff). He was friendly yet soft-spoken and kind of reserved at the same time, much like myself. ;) Introverts unite! In the corner! © theLPforearms / Reddit

Have you ever met a celebrity? Was this experience positive for you, or were you disappointed with your idols?

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I notice that many celebs are just as nice and cool in the real life as they are on stage


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