11 People Whose Logic Can Dumbfound Anyone

3 years ago

We bet everyone has a story about when someone did or said something unbelievably hilarious. Even though these stories don’t happen on purpose, you can come across them wherever you are — in the line to an ATM, at a beauty store, and on an airplane, because people can be an infinite source of positive energy.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out about the hilarious situations that are the most memorable according to internet users.

1. “I thought I packed my laptop.”

2. “My son came to me and asked, ‘How do I get my keys off?’”

3. “Me: ‘I need an original charger.’ Sales assistant: ‘Say no more!’”

4. “I waited forever for the crowd to dissipate so I could take a picture, then this happened.”

5. “I ordered a meditation book from Amazon and every page just says inhale and exhale.”

6. This is how you need to answer annoying calls.

7. “Sorry you lost by one, Dad. My battleship was on land.”

8. It’s never too late to fulfill your childhood dreams.

9. “IKEA gave me a plastic screw to throw directly into the garbage.”

10. “I bought a beautiful antique print of what I thought were rocks, crystals, and druses for my geologist friend. Turns out, Nemoci bramborových hlíz is Czech for Diseases of the potato.”

11. When you did everything to help:

Do you have any fun facts of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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that laptop lmao, someone needs more coffee in the morning 😅


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