15+ Pics That Scream the Word “Perfection” in All Languages

2 years ago

Satisfying videos have become extremely popular nowadays, and scientists have a good explanation for their appeal. They explain that we find these oddly satisfying things so relaxing because of “mirror neurons,” which is when our brain thinks we’re the ones doing the cool stuff we see in a video. Today’s article will help your brain relax, but with the help of photos that show satisfying perfection in everyday life.

Here at Bright Side, we love neat things, whether it’s a piece of art, a perfectly timed shot, or even a human body feature. We’d love for you to take a look at these 18 examples of how things can turn out just perfect if we take the time to stop and look closer.

1. “Two portraits with the same pen I did.”

2. “Turned my spare bedroom into a ball pit so my doggo can have the time of his life.”

3. “Watching Revolutionary Road. I had to pause to go to the bathroom when suddenly...”

4. “Note: Spaghetti fits perfectly in a Pringles can.”

5. “Why waste a cool space by closing it off with a wall?”

6. “My chicken breast fit perfectly with the birds on my plate.”

7. “Finally got outside for some quiet time. Found the chalk and filled in the crack in the driveway.”

8. “Making poached eggs, all were double-yolked.”

9. “My pasta synchronized perfectly in the pan whilst cooking.”

10. “Found a perfectly shaped piece of glass in the sole of my shoe.”

11. “New lithops garden! Succulents looking like stones.”

12. “Dearest friends, this is what a public toilet should look like.”

13. “Frost on my window looks like a Dr. Seuss drawing.”

14. “My perfectly executed cat beard”

15. “Made perfection with my own hands.”

16. “My puppy made a perfect heart.”

17. “This wooden chair perfectly separates the light by color.”

18. “My friend’s grandma turns 101 years old on Saturday. These are her natural nails, she used to be a hand model back in her 20s!”

What photo or video calms down your inner perfectionist? We’d love to take a look at some nice stuff in the comments.

Preview photo credit mareacuda / Reddit


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I can't believe the last photo, my grandmother was a hand model in HER 20's too


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