20 Inventions That Prove Japan Has Already Jumped Into the Future

3 years ago

If someone ever comes up with a great innovative idea, it’s likely that someone else in Japan has already thought of it before. From the robot staff of shops to foods in unthinkable flavors, the country seems to be living in the future, and we are left in the “past,” wondering how they got there.

We at Bright Side go crazy over all-things Japan, and we went to take a closer look at some of the things you can only find in the Land of the Rising Sun, hoping to eventually catch up with them.

1. This bird poop sticker is helping to prevent bike theft.

2. Don’t mistake this ultra-realistic smartphone cover for your dinner.

3. Like the Tokusatsu giant robots, this Japanese fire truck carries a smaller version of itself inside.

4. Qoobo, a headless robot-cat and Japan’s new favorite pet

5. When it comes to space optimization, Japan has reached another level.

6. The highway had to go through the building, but that wasn’t much of a problem in Japan.

7. This emo-responsive robot is an alternative to smartphones for young kids. They’re way more kawaii, that’s for sure.

8. Because capsule rooms are not just for workaholic executives.

9. It may look like something from the Iron Man movies, but it’s a real life Japanese aerial touch device.

10. This very unique Ferris “Wheel” in Osaka

11. Japan’s new trend in shoe styles is: however you want it. Just fold it however it fits you best.

12. In this Japanese hotel, friendly Velociraptor robots welcome guests at the reception. Better tip, just to be on the safe side.

13. A comfy gorilla arm pillow (and he’s sweet enough to hold your phone for you)

14. “These toilets in Japan are made of transparent glass that turns opaque when locked from the inside.”

15. Water comes out from these sprinklers on the road, to keep it from freezing over.

16. “This thing was so cool. It crawls up the stairs.”

17. “The bathrooms here look they’re lined with books.”

18. If you’re going to pretend you’re studying so hard you actually fell asleep, at least do it in a comfy way.

19. This item can get your teeth clean when there’s no mirror available.

20. And a drink serving robot from the ’80s to show how, even in the past, Japan was already in the future.

Do you know of any other out-of-this-world inventions that Japan has already created? Please be kind and share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit makuake.com


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I heard from japanese americans that japan was way ahead of time before apple kinda went crazy and started making smartphones.. like those old cameras were really good back in the day in japan


That building with the road in it looked so cool! I would be kinda scared to drive underneath tho :D


Wowzees! This is why I freaking love Japan! Nice scenery, beautiful clothes, helluva delicious food, super nice people and futuristic designs!


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